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Talking Tau Zero, Prometheus pictures

Originally Posted by CPMcGraw
Hope the Tau Zero wasn't too badly damaged...
Nope! The sand was *very* soft (since it gets watered every two days). I'll just have to rustle up some masking tape for my range box.

I'm looking at the parts for the Prometheus (they arrived this morning) and it actually seems bigger than the RockSim images make it appear.
My RockSim file says it's 18.65" long, in contrast to the Tau Zero, which is only 15" long.

That A8-3 should have reached about 250'. I'm really looking forward to flying mine now.
That would be about right. I was *really* surprised at how it ripped off the pad into the sky. I didn't think it might possibly be a high-performance design, just that it looked cool and different from other rockets.

As requested, here are some of the pictures of these two "birds."
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