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Exclamation New Plan -- Goon Ranger

I thought someone (Phred?) had already come up with this plan, but the Excelsior site didn't have a decal-plan set for it. If anyone can remember seeing this idea earlier, point me in that direction...

So, here's a new Goony that twice reaches back to the past -- the Goon Ranger!

(Phred, the best decal image would be your "smiley face" with a mask...)

For technical specs, this is a three-motor 13mm cluster. It uses the 7.5" tube, cut into a 4" piece and a 3.5" piece, and it retains the stock fins and nose cone. You will need to add the centering rings and a bulkhead, the motor tubes and engine blocks, and a 1/8th oz fishing sinker.

Length: 13.25"
Weight: 1.75 oz

(3) 1/4A3-3T.......93'......24 FPS......36" rod 1/8" dia
(3) 1/2A3-4T......256'......15 FPS......36" rod 1/8" dia
(3) A3-4T.........588'......24 FPS......36" rod 1/8" dia

Enjoy, chemo-wasabi!
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