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Since I can never count on you to show up these days, I splurged and bought myself another hammer from all that prize money I got for winning in 2007 .

Yes, it's a huge deal to me because I was in the midst of putting together a pretty phenomenal comeback and overtaking Chad by hitting a 7500+ point NARAM and overtaking his 3000 point lead over me. After last night's scoring of static, though, I'm completely out of the running. There are some darned fine models on the tables, and I'm not taking anything away from my competitors, but in peanut scale especially there are some models ahead of me, and the scoring gap so large, that I really had to do a double-take. I spoke with the judge afterwards, and while I did have a decal placed on the wrong side of the model and another decal (checkerboard sort of pattern) with spacing a bit off between the colored squares, I got the second lowest fit/finish/markings score on the table and same craftsmanship scores as a number of models that most folks would think aren't quite at the same level. It seems like the gist of the issue is that I was judged to a color getting-ready-for-launch photo rather than the drawing I provided in the data pack with a number of annotations, and that's a bit different than how we've been judged in the past.

It's all part of the way it goes, though, but since Chad tells me there's potentially a loophole in the way the curse works that says if I manage to reclaim the championship I won't die, I figured it was a pretty important thing and the fact that he's going to clean my clock on craftsmanship day (he'll take first in both events barring a mental error or something) was really not something I (or he) expected.

--Chan Stevens
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