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Originally Posted by Gus

Barry suggested the Shrox designs were cancelled due to stability concerns.

Can you elaborate?

Gus - we did have stability problems with more than one of the designs Doug submitted. It was suggested we just add clay to the noses to correct the flight issues. Adding clay poses two probelem - the first being that some modelers will simply foget to add it during the build, meaning the stability issue isn't fixed, and secondly I personally dislike watching a 'stable' model ascend in a severe coning fashion. To me that's not stable.

My suggestions were to move the planforms rearward, and when that was done the models in question began flying straight. To do that did in fact alter Dougs graphic approach which in turn caused some differences of opinions back and forth. I wished we could have resolved those diofferences and produce the kits. But it was not to be as Barry made the decision to stop the project.
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