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Ok thanks, I tried the 'mountain icon' thing... my browser popped up a "click to enable scripted windows" or something across the top of the window, which I did, and then clicked the mountain icon again, and it brought up a mini-window asking for the pic location. I had just uploaded the pics from my hard drive for the Zooch Lifting Body thread I just started. On the other forums, when you click the little 'paperclip icon' it brings up a list of the photos you just attached, and you can choose from them to insert them into the text.

After clicking the 'mountain icon' I get

"Explorer User Prompt X
Enter the text to be formatted OK
[IMG]xxx[/IMG] Cancel
______________________________________ "

I tried typing in the picture's name and that didn't work. Don't know what else to do. I even tried cutting and pasting the shortcut to the pic from the 'manage attachments' window, and that didn't work either.

Sorry kind of a noob to this sort of thing... I have NO idea what image scripts are or how to turn them off or on... kinda lost here... OL JR
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