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Originally Posted by James Pierson
Here is a great little park flier. I have been calling it the Mini Jet #1 for lack of a better name. I built it last year and test flew it on a A3T-4 and man was I supprised. It was gone in a flash with a good streamer deployment and then a gently, twirling, and rolling tumble recovery. Very sweet.

PS: And its not BLUE

James Pierson
NAR #77907

...And here are the 3D images for Mini Jet #1...

One "tweak" to this model -- the original design used a 1/4 oz ballast of clay in the nose cone. The model will perform a little better, with lower deployment Vs, if this is reduced to 1/8 oz (half of the original amount). The heaviest motor in the simulation list -- the Apogee B7-6 -- can still be balanced out with the 1/8 oz ballast, with the model retaining a 1.7 margin.

Additionally, this should improve the low-impact speed on landing using the streamer.

For most flying, and to keep the model within visual range, use the 1/2A3-4T instead of the full A3-4T. The 1/2A will get over 300', and deploys at the lowest V -- below 10 FPS. The full A3 will get over 650', which would be BVR for a model this size. The 1/4A will still provide a flight to 130', which might be a good first-flight motor.
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