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Originally Posted by snaquin
I'll pick one for now and contribute a few others to the list at a later time .....

I nominate the Cherokee Double-D

This thread was started about the time I first joined YORF and there was enough interest in this model at that time that several forum members built it. There are templates, parts list, fin alignment guide and a nice set of illustrated instructions included in the ten page .pdf brochure at the BARCLONE "proven designs" link that could be folded and packaged up and put in the bag with the parts ..... it's pretty much all there waiting for parts and ready to go.

The popularity of the original Cherokee D and the welcomed addition of a multi stage design add to this models interest.

This would be my first choice nomination.


Thanks, Steve. I might give this one a revision with RS9 before too long, to see if anything changes with the latest software.
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