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Originally Posted by James Pierson
Another Rumor dismissed, I am not dead, yet, although I feel that way as I have the 7 day flu . Seems like every time I fly on plane I end up becoming ill in some way .

Yikes, I'd better get the florist back and cancel that sympathy wreath...

I have always wanted to put the above to our members here to see what they like best of all the designs. I have never had the courage to ask this question.

Craig, are you thinking Semroc Parts Packs or full blow Kits( Decal, Instruction, etc..)

Let's presume for the sake of discussion we're talking about full-blown kits with waterslide decals, laser-cut fins, artwork cards and instruction sheets. The real-deal. Bags on peg hooks.

Remember, it's just a rumor I'm starting. Just tickling the surface of the pond, so to speak.
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