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Originally Posted by CPMcGraw
I'm curious about something...

Suppose for the wildest moment that I have given serious consideration to packaging up some of these BARCLONE designs as full-blown kits. Suppose, at least for the moment, that the economic situation we currently face somehow did not adversely affect the potential for good sales. Suppose, also, that I want these kits to sell quickly, not just sit on a shelf and languish, and thus I want these kits to be of the designs that builders really want to purchase.

Lots of supposition there, I know...

I would like for everyone to look over the catalog we now have available, and make some nominations for those designs you think would have the best potential for selling quickly, offering builders the models they really want. These don't have to be limited to just the ones with my name on them, either. Pick the ones you like, regardless of the designer.

I would really like to know if we have something to offer the public beyond our forum members. Pick several designs and nominate them here. When enough nominations are posted, I'll put them together into a poll to see which ones are considered "Best In Show".


Another Rumor dismissed, I am not dead, yet, although I feel that way as I have the 7 day flu . Seems like every time I fly on plane I end up becoming ill in some way .

I have always wanted to put the above to our members here to see what they like best of all the designs. I have never had the courage to ask this question.

Craig, are you thinking Semroc Parts Packs or full blow Kits( Decal, Instruction, etc..)

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