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Exclamation Old Design, Updated -- Angel Express Mk II

This is another of JP's great artworks, from May of 2006. I don't know if this was ever posted (I think it was, but only as experimental), but the design was a challenge to work up. Even in RS9, with the PODS feature, it was tedious to create all of the truss members. RS9 did simplify the task, there was just so many of them...

I did make a couple of alterations, concerning the placement of launch lugs and the way the ringtail attaches to the truss. I eliminated the ringtail's pylons and have it attach through the truss frame. Since each set of truss pieces attaches to the main body tube in so many places, I figured the entire structure would be sufficient to take the launch loads.

Recovery is via 20" parachute, which gives it a gentle 8 FPS descent rate. All launches on the engines listed reach safe flight V in 36", but I used 3/16" launch lugs in case someone wants to put an engine in it that needs 48". The acceleration off the pad is soft, relatively speaking, with all three engines listed below.

Length: 34.89"
Diameter: 1.566" (PPB)
Fin Span: 2.79" (ringtail)
Weight: 1.8 oz

D12-3........494'......Dv 8 FPS
D15-4T.......518'......Dv 23 FPS
E6-2........1233'......Dv 18 FPS

It's a shame this design needed RS9 to get right. James had a great design here and we couldn't prove it short of building it and flying it!

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