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Default Semroc Centering Rings - Rocksim Parts

Here are the Semroc centering ring parts for Rocksim. This file should be considered a DRAFT until it can be reviewed and validated. Craig will give ok or post as master file.

Data for these parts was pulled from the Semroc web-site. If any of the parts or data seem inaccurate please let me know.

While importing and validating this file, I uncovered an issue with the import process. It appears that the material field entries much match capitalization for the part to imported correctly. If not the part is imported with an incorrect material. For example if the entry is "balsa" and not "Balsa" the part gets imported with the first entry in material database CSV (which is usually "G10 PML...".)

I'm including updated files with validated material spelling to resolve this issue.


... Bill
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