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Thumbs up Estes SCAMP 1.36X, 1.68X Upscales

"Now bigger, better, and even Scampier!"

I'm dredging these up from my long-lost and ill-fated "Updated Classic Designs" thread from 2007-ish. Here are the ROCKSIM 8 files (even though you can see they're saved in my RS9 directory).

The 1.36X BT-55 upscale is 18mm, while the 1.68X BT-60 upscale has a 24mm mount.

To replicate the original paint scheme, paint one fin black, and along with the forward 2" of the 1.36X Scamp's BT-55. For the BT-60 version, paint the front 2.5" black.


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