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Originally Posted by rkt2k1
I think pending final review, BTDATA, BHDATA, NCDATA, TCDATA, and TRDATA are as complete as possible... Is the Material CSV data file updated for some of these parts? I was specifically thinking of the fiber used in some of the centering rings.

I was wondering about the materials file. We might want to create a new entry for "Matteboard" and use Carl's numbers for the 0.020", 0.050", and 0.070" boards he works with. That data could then be used to update the centering rings data already in the file.

RTDATA = Ring Fins
TFDATA = Tube Fins

Neither have any data loaded in the default parts files.

I was hoping Jay would take notice of those two...

I'm not sure just yet how those data files are supposed to work, since there's nothing in them.

Any particular parts area you'd like me to focus on next. Let me know.

Right now, only CRDATA and EBDATA are critical, since they have the most items. The remaining files can probably stay as they are, unless or until something new gets added. If you'd like to tackle those two, it works for me. I'll look at the LLDATA file, and see if anything is missing (I know already of a few missing items...).
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