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Originally Posted by CPMcGraw
I just spotted an error in the NCDATA file, while transferring the data for transitions and tailcones. The "Rear OD" and "Insert OD" dimensions for the ST-20 series appear to be the same as the ST-18 series, with the exception of the first entry.

That's why we need additional pairs of eyes looking through these files besides ours. This is an on-going process, and there might be more errors before all of this data is ready.

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled interruptions...

Craig - nice catch! Yeah, the more eyes looking at these files the better!

After a while, one can get a little bleary eyed working directly with the CSV files!

I'm trying my best to review parts in design mode in Rocksim prior to submitting files to forum. But there be a lot of parts in them there files.

... Bill
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