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Originally Posted by CPMcGraw
This first file covers the Series 085 and Series 10 Tail Cones, and the list of standard transitions from the original file. Unless you just want to get a batch of Semroc items into RockSim, hold off on installing this file. Wait until a full set of parts is posted.

Bill, one change from the other files you will need to make is the precision of one column. The "Rear OD" column needs to be set at 4-digit precision if you try creating the reversed nose cones. The OD value needs to be set at 0.0001". This value gives RockSim something to chew on, while not being large enough to be noticed visually.

Craig, I'll focus on the standard Semroc balsa reducers (transitions) and follow your lead regarding including both a normal and reversed part. I was just setting up the base template with decimal precision when I saw the file you posted. I am going to use it as template for basic transitions. I will probably post file later tonight for review.

After working with the .CSV files, I believe this is an area of Rocksim that the developers should look to update. Maybe a move to XML similar to the design file format. The .CSV files are not inherently the problem, but I've seen many inconsistencies while working with the files.

Some include:

- Extra field columns showing up at the end of the file.
- Question marks "?" appearing in the data.
- The inconsistent use of words versus value codes. (i.e. oz and mm versus 0 and 1, etc.)
- Errors in the data cause Rocksim to crash. (Stronger field validation could correct.)

Not complaining here. All these can be cleaned up and corrected manually. It's just my programming background showing through. I think the Rocksim program is a fantastic piece of software. I wouldn't be spending so much time in the data files if I didn't think so. However correcting some of these minor issues could make a great program even better!

... Bill
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