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Thumbs up Laser Wolf, version 2

Originally Posted by CPMcGraw
AKA "Laserene"...

Be sure to look at those "launch guide lengths" in the sim sheets. Both the C11 and the D12 require 48" x 3/16" rods. The E9 takes 47 out of 48, so you need a 60" rod or tower.

I still like the design. "She jus' needs more power, Capt'n..."
Originally Posted by James Pierson
Looks great Jay, however after a closer look the Laser Wolf is a bit heavy as Craig has suggested. Its also way overstable. Both heavy and overstable are to blame for the take off speeds and launch rod length required.
Might concider the following:
Change from Nylon to plastic chute (Nylon Heavy)
Upper fins to 1/16" thickness
Other fin to 3/32" thickness
Reduce large lower fins size by 25% or so
Reduce length of upper BT-60
Craig and James,

I took your suggestions to heart (for the most part), and here is "Laser Wolf" Version 2. I hacked 5 inches off the BT-60, and moved the small fins forward from the LT-115. I put the fins on a diet, and reduced the largest fins from a 1.68X upscale to only 1.36X (about 26% smaller now). I moved the launch lug aft, and put it on a standoff.

While I was able to switch to a C11-5 instead of a C11-3, the launch rod lengths will need to stay at 48" for the C11 and D12 (which appear to stabilize at 38" and 35", respectively). The E9-6 doesn't "get stable" until 44", so a 60" rod will still be needed.

Originally Posted by James Pierson
Hope this is helpful, and don't worry, I have to do the design diet thing all the time with my freaky designs. .
Originally Posted by CPMcGraw
...And as for those voices, you might try a few generous doses of "PF Dark Side" and "AP Valid Path". (Now there's a combination of music: A Valid Path to the Dark Side...)
"The lunatic is in the hall... The lunatic is IN MY HEAD..."
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