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Default SOLD Semroc KV-32 Centuri Marauder

This kit is new and unopened. It was manufactured by Semroc as on of their Centuri "Retro Repros". It is a 2 stage kit with both stages using 18mm power.

I am asking $21.00.

NOTE: This kit is offered for sale in an effort to liquidate my collection of kits and is being offered via cross postings on The Rocketry Forum and Ye Olde Rocket Forum. The price indicated is what I have determined by looking for evidence of similar sales but, admitedly, might reflect a poor judgement on my part. I'm just doing the best that I can. The price does NOT include shipping. Interested persons are invited to contact me via PM and I will calculate the shipping. Payment is expected by means of Zelle or Venmo. I am willing to do some, but not a lot, of experimentation with PayPal but be advised that my patience with that platform is not particularly notable. My intention is to make shipments twice per week after confirming receipt of funds. I will try to give the most accurate descriptions I am able to provide and will happily answer any specific questions either by PM or within the post thread.
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