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those look very similar to the machines that Dave Bucher got from the old FSI facility in Raytown.

At the Estes tour a couple of years ago, we were allowed to stand a couple hundred feet away from the open doors of one of the machines, in which we saw nothing, but could hear it clanking and pshhh-ing away. Unless you work for Estes, it is not likely that you would ever see one.

They can be described a bit, and I've always heard from people who know that the MRI/MPC/AVI/FSI/Quest machines were a bit dinky compared to the Estes machines., but that they worked on similar principles. That is, an index table with hydraulic presses and pneumatic drives, gravity and low frequency vibration used to move casings to chucks and powder from hoppers to measurers. Enclosing building set up to direct any unfortunate forces upward instead of outward.
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