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The igniter used in the Q-Jets is really a very small version of what Aerotech uses in some of their larger motors....I don't think it's descended from the Q2G2.

I went back thorugh my emails to Karl at Aerotech and confirmed that we've flown Q-Jets from our old club launch system. That one has a continuity current at least as high as an incandescnent-lamp-equipped Electron Beam or Solar Launch controller (or, really, any Estes controller that used an incandescent lamp) and we did not have any fire-on-continuity-check issues.

So even if that's an older Tandem-X set, it will be fine.

Be aware that the 4s delay in those really IS 4 seconds, it's not short as is often the case with Estes motors. No way that motor should be used in the Amazon from that set. But it will be OK in the Crossfire ISX.
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