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Originally Posted by BEC

The FirstFire micro is safe to use with current Estes launch controllers (which have had an LED for continuity indication for several years). These are the red Electron Beams (and they are even Q2G2 safe).

I thought I checked FirstFire Micros for incandescent continuity lamps (so ~150 mA current) and found them OK when they were first introduced....but right now I'm not sure if I have, so maybe I should go do that again.

How recently was that Tandem-X launch set made?

Added: we have flown Q-Jets off our club launch system, which has an incandescent continuity indicator and which will launch a model with a Q2G2 in it as soon as you check continuity. After a couple of really cautious first uses, we don't worry about them any more. So I would say they are safe with even older incandescent-lamp-equpped Electron Beams (black or yellow or blue ones).
That sounds reassuring. Maybe Quest modified their igniter slightly (not fundamental changes; maybe just more of the tip-dip "whiskers" to make it conduct enough to handle an Estes controller's continuity check without firing). I don't know when that Tandem-X Launch Set was manufactured (I'd ordered it from AC Supply earlier this month), as I passed it along to my Physical Therapist on Monday.
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