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Originally Posted by ghrocketman
... Before someone suggests I just use a modern cone and clone it, I am NOT interested in the least in doing that. Has to be a kit.

I hope the search for the kit turns out well for you. It really is a nice model once finished.

Not wishing to hijack your thread, but I offer a word of caution about the kit - when I built mine a few years ago, I found there were some fit problems with the die-crushed pieces that make up the fins. I wrote about the problem in a YORF thread at the time, but for convenience, I've reposted the article here (slightly edited).

I also found that the dowel stock that was to be used for those cool looking struts was a bit warped; I remedied this problem by substituting carbon fiber tubes. Worked great.

And then the (by now) ~ 40 year old decals: for the most part they were ok (a few struggled to get off the sheet due to some aged, overly aggressive decal adhesive), but I had a few back ups from Gordon, just in case.

So apart from these issues, the kit was great. Depending on your building goals, even with the kit you may find yourself at least doing a bit of scratch-building, if not cloning.

Good luck, and hope you find a good condition kit.
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