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Originally Posted by dwmzmm
Carl, sorry to read you're discontinuing the cc: kits. I was going to order the SST Shuttle so
I can have a "fresh" replacement to my Centuri version I still have (yes, it still flies, but the
vacumform parts have become brittle over the years -- since 1970!). And maybe the Space
Plane, since that was my first boost glider back in 1969. I lost that model somehow and long
to get one back in my fleet. If you can keep a list of required parts for famous vintage model
rockets, that would be great for those (like myself) who can just go that route and download
the instructions and work from there.

Keep up the great work!

Carl still has, or did as of Friday night, SST Shuttle's in stock. Use your SVDT discount.

You can get the other two from JonRocket as I did or Uncle Mike's Rocket Shack.
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