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Originally Posted by Eagle3
It's too bad this concept wasn't more popular. It would be interesting to know how many were sold and how many complaints came in. I know any complaints are too many, but I'm sure a lot were sold and built without problems. *raises hand*

I have to admit the X-21 plans are a royal PITA though...
I liked the cc: kits. I have the X-21 but I haven't built it yet.

The other 2 came out real nice. The Space Plane went together real easy and I didn't bother to download the instructions since I still had the instructions from the Space Plane I got in 1967.

I flew it today on an OOP A5-2 motor and it put in a real good flight despite the windy day, landing about 15 - 20 ft from the trees. I may not have risked it if I thought I wouldn't be able to replace it.
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