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Originally Posted by Initiator001
Sorry to hear the 'cc' concept didn't work out, Carl.

For the record, what was/would have been KCC-2?

It was going to be the Coaster Centauri (another glider) but a promised set of plans were not forthcoming. When they were published on YORP, it was obvious that they would not be enough, even for a cc: kit. The Centauri will be released as KV-3 sometimes in the future. The 1/4" balsa wings are a problem right now with laser-cutting.

We still might do some cc: kits in the future, but only if the instructions are VERY clear. I think part of the problem was hobby stores selling cc: kits to non-computer savvy customers thinking it was a complete kit with easy to follow instructions included. I don't think we had complaints from our online customers.

We are still learning!
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