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Default Aerotch and Quest merge?

So I took about 11 years off rocket making due to tons of things but recently decided to get back in it and introduce my son to this awesome hobby....uhhh LOTS have changed I see.
So Quest and Aerotech are merged? Quest no longer makes black powder motors they now only supply composite 18mm motors called Q-Jets?
Aerotech makes q-jets now in place of their D 18mm motors.
Shockingly Aerotchs actually finally came out with a couple new kits I see.
Estes now has F 29mm Black Powder engines!!!
Estes is taking polls to possibly bring back the Gemini Titan!
Some people are saying the Q-Jet motors arent that great. Why not?
Do you think Quest will come out with bigger kits now that Aerotech is making their motors?
Man did I miss a lot LOL.
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