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Not a new build, but I was gazing at my now mangled Mini-Comanche III and sobbing softly when it dawned on me: I can repair this! It's the sort of thing we discuss here often.

So I lopped off the damaged portion of the sustainer (about six inches) using an Estes tube cutting guide. I found a section of unused BT-20 in my stash and cut it to length. Didn't have a coupler in that size, so I made one from remaining BT-20 stock as I'd read how on this forum. Sanded the tube ends smooth and added the new portion. Reattached the sustainer fin that was torn off at impact and reglued the second stage fin that was almost torn off and...done!

It's not perfect, and you can see the scuff on the tip of the nose cone, but it will fly again.
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