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Originally Posted by ghrocketman
An E12-0 booster exists too.
How 'bout an E12-0 to E12-8 flight ?
Now thaty'll doo !

Didn't want to lengthen the booster itself, which is not long enough to fit an E. Intriguing idea, though, and I do have another one in a bag.

Anyhow, the finished product. Another enjoyable build. John Boren, if you designed this one, props. It is right up my alley.

Noted some differences in the decals from those on the face card. The face card's little lines between the big blocks on the nose cone roll pattern contain words, "Something, something, Cradle here", I think. Similarly, between the fins, the yellow stripes on the decals have text also: "CAUTION." The kit's decals have no text at either location.

Additionally, the text on the BT is considerably smaller on the supplied decal v. the face card. No problem, of course, but somewhat less intimidating.

Decal placement is different, also, in the instructions v. the face card. I went with face card placement.

Can't wait to fly this one!
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