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Originally Posted by rraeford
First of all, thanks for your effort in putting this together. I notice a ? for the SST Shuttle-1 cone. I own several of these and they all have the PNC-106 nose.
I also notice you list a BC for the Astro-1. All of mine going back to 1971 had a plastic cone (also PNC-106) which doesn't really mean that it did not originally come with a balsa cone. I have studied the images in the catalogs as I am sure many of us have and and realize that Centuri made a lot of running changes as their line matured.

The first year or so of the Astro-1 (introduced in '69, I believe) did come with a balsa cone (I have a packaged one with a balsa cone).

When Centuri introduced plastic cones, which I believe was sometime in the early months of '70 or close thereto, Astro-1's received the aforementioned PNC-106.

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