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I modified my Ender 2 3D printer by increassing the length of the Z axis v-slot rail and Z axis lead screw to 500mm. This was an easy modification that cost less then $35. I didn't have to lengthen any wires or cables as there was ample length provided in the original printer kit. The attached pictures shows a completed 13.5 inch long 2.5 inch diameter conical nosecone I was able to print in one piece on the bed of the printer. I plan to use this noseocne for my Estes Panavia to make it look more like the original Cherokee D. The current configuration on my Panavia to Cherokee D clone is pictured in this thread:

Since this nosecone came out so nice (this was the first print on the 3D printer after I modified the z axis) I am confident I can print much larger nosecones up to 6 inches in diameter and 15 inches long (counting the shoulder). I have plans to increase the Z axis length on this same printer to 1 meter, however this modification will involve lengthening all the cables and wires for the printer as well as the Z axis structures. The cables are available as a extention kit to a the Creality CR-10 printer (Creality aslo makes the Ender2) for about $20.
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