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Originally Posted by Junkhead
Well good to know, thanks. I think I'd like to sell it, just curious as to shipping the rocket motors through the USPS and if I didnt how much that would affect the value. The one I saw that sold on ebay for $400 didnt include the motors. Imagine they are not easy to ship.

Basically if you're not a hobby shop or distributor who has filled out the paperwork, or you are shipping to one of those (they have to send you an exemption form to put on the package) you can't do it.

Of course, that doesn't stop people from doing it, but maximum penalties if you're caught are $55-75K. That said, I don't know any examples of that happening with casual shipping, like grandparents shipping an old Estes starter set (which usually included three motors) to grandkids for Christmas. Though for the past ten years or so, Estes no longer puts motors in their starter sets for just that reason.

It's a shame, because over 60 years, they've been proven quite safe.

$400 for the kit only is a good price. I remember one going many years ago for much higher, though it was in amazing condition. If I were still wanting to collect, I'd make an offer.

I bought the box of Estes-made Rock-a-Chutes about 15 years ago for $60, and I would have paid a little bit more if they had been Browns.
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