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Originally Posted by Junkhead
Well I carefully was able to get a couple more pictures to help determine itís origin. I was able to find a listing for one on eBay that sold ($400) without the motors, as it appears to be against their policy to sell and ship them. I love hearing the history on it and all this information helps me be prepared if I ever find another, altougb that seems like it will be rare lol. I am genuinely interested in itís history and gravitate towards all things vintage, so thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Yes, those are the original Brown Manufacturing motors. I've attached a photo of my box of motors, with Estes manufactured motors, along with a modern Estes motor (with the green ink).

Also attached is a photo of the contents of Quest's reproduction kit from 2008. The built model in front is from a company called Semroc.
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