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Originally Posted by Rex R
er no it won't. this rocket was labeled on the base of the nose cone(where the shock cord connects) and no one noticed (or looked there). my guess, is the person who found it tucked the chutes into the chute bays and closed up the forward bay, later no one pulled the nose all the way off. so if it isn't immediately obvious the bird gets tossed into the club trailer until the next launch. that motor will be a real joy to clean.

You only focused on half of my post. I also mentioned a nice large banner/flag on the recovery system. You can also write on the chute in nice large print. Either one will force someone to handle the recovery system and see something written on it.

If the cone is off and you have info written all the way around the shoulder, someone putting the cone on will probably notice it (but could choose to ignore it). If it's written on one side, odds are they won't.

If you want to throw labels on the rocket, go for it. It's your rocket. I do that on multi stage demo rockets for schools where I know I'll not come close to getting it back near their playground or ball field.
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