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Originally Posted by ghrocketman
Very cool project !

The actual airplane did not have much of a role in the USAF as it was pretty much a plane without a useful mission. Lousy as a fighter and there were better/more maneuverable nuclear delivery platforms. One useful mission it served was being the carrier of the Genie nuclear rocket. It was used to intercept enemy bombers in that role, but never actually deployed a functional Genie rocket.
With the Genie's nuclear warhead, no guidance was required. Fire it near the bomber formation and it blew up anything within a huge radius.

Deployed operationally I think you mean?? They launched a Genie at the Nevada Test Site and detonated it 10,000 feet overhead of five volunteers standing directly below the blast... and including the Japanese-American cameraman (the sixth man) filming it for the Lookout Mountain Laboratory, which did all the US nuclear test photography (1352d Photographic Group).

Now that I think about it, that might have been launched by a Scorpion, not a Voodoo... I'd have to check.

Great footage of it on Youtube, and in the film "Hollywood's Top Secret Film Studio: The Atomic Cinematographers".

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