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Default RC RG's based on the Cosmic Interceptor parts

Here are a bunch of RC RG spings based on the Cosmic Interceptor kit,
This one done to simulate an F-101 voodoo. For simplicity, I made the T-tail fixed and reduced the size and moved the wing back slightly to use just elevon control and not have to mess with t-tail mechanism and tail weight. I angle cut the rear tube 6" and have the motor forward and on the centerline. Needed no balast, dry was 10.5 oz rtf and just over 11 ounces painted with markings. I chose operation sun-run colors with a little artistic license. Pseudo afterburner cans are 24mm tubes sliced in half and flattened at the front and glued to the side, they were painted with stainless steel along with the lower half of the rear bod. Rest was testors falt gray. Colors are vinyl hand cut with some lettering from office depot.

The elevons are actually inboard and from the red line back and out to about the first 1" of what would be the aileron on the real plane. I avoided using the actual ailerons since they are smalll and can lead to tip stall when used as elevons.

Boosts and glides very well, even given the small wing area. 38" long, 24" wingspan, 2" diameter and 11 oz rtf.

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RC Rocket glider kits
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