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Default Photos of a Few of My Stomp Rockets

Here are a few photos of different types of stomp rockets I've designed through the years. Started doing these in April of 2010.

In 2012 thru 2013 redrew many of the USA Manned space models to be more scale like. Plan to someday list these for sale online as downloads, and sale the bigger 1/12 scale models as printed sheets ready to cut out and build.

To get these cardstock rockets to max altitude by using the simple stomp launcher means no external parts are added, no escape towers etc... Graphics are used to show where the misc. parts would go.

A final note:
In Nov. of 2002 started to draw Paper Airplanes made from cardstock, the F104/other wing models are downsized from these models and adapted to the stomp system.

My next post I'll upload a free version of one of the free flight glider airplane models if I can get everything down-sized to fit the max file size.

Best regards,
Mike Bauer
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