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Originally Posted by CenturiGuy
There are times I'd like about them that long, too. I guess I got spoiled with my one-time shipment from Totally Tubular.

Y'know, that's probably my *only* gripe with *any* Semroc product. I got some ST-5's with a *really* deep groove, which is why I took to sanding the tubes down even before hitting them with primer.

Hey Carl, is there any way you can order the ST-5's and ST-7's *without* the grooves? Or is that the best Euclid can do for the price you're paying them? Just wondering.

Cheers, as always,

Euclid isn't the only paper tube company. A few years ago, I got a brochure from another manufacturer -- Paramount Paper, I think -- that offered explicitly a line of white-outer-layer tubes with an "invisible" seam. It was actually a raised seam instead of a depressed seam; with a spray of primer and a base sanding, any trace of the seam was supposed to disappear. The raised edges supposedly caught and held the primer and the sandpaper "did the rest".

When I contacted them about the tubes, however, they acted like Sgt. Shultz: "I know nuthink! I see nuthink!" Today, I see no mention of them having anything like these tubes...
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