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Thumbs down Those annoying spirals!

Originally Posted by rocket_james
I also prefer the larger 34" tubes, rather than 18" tubes.
There are times I'd like about them that long, too. I guess I got spoiled with my one-time shipment from Totally Tubular.

Getting rid of the spirals is a good thing, too! Who likes filling spirals. Can't we just get rid of them?
Y'know, that's probably my *only* gripe with *any* Semroc product. I got some ST-5's with a *really* deep groove, which is why I took to sanding the tubes down even before hitting them with primer.

Hey Carl, is there any way you can order the ST-5's and ST-7's *without* the grooves? Or is that the best Euclid can do for the price you're paying them? Just wondering.

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