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Originally Posted by Doug Sams

Your post helped crystalize my take on these "designer's special" type boxes...once I got going, my bulk purchases tended to be more specialized. So I agree with you that these type things are mainly starting points. After that, it's hard for me to see much market for a "super duper gigantic deluxe designer's special"...I'd say, after the basic designer's special type package with a sampling of everything, that the next best things would be ring packs, nosecone packs, body tube packs, etc...

I might agree with the idea of "packs", as long as they contain genuinely useful components and not deteriorate into what Estes calls parts packs. What they have is like the original Chicken McNuggets: "They contain parts, and parts is parts". Still, I would like to see a "Super Box", something like a store might buy to start their pegboard inventory. I wouldn't mind spending $100 for a really complete box of goodies to fill my personal bins...

Maybe a combination of both ideas would be good: A small, appetizer-type parts box with a sampling of the most-used goodies; and a large, comprehensive "Store Sales Starter" with bags of parts, like rings by the dozen, tubes in six- or 10-packs, etc.
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