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That was sort of my take on it too, Doug. I do like the idea of an assortment, but if it ends up costing more than a Designers Special, then I probably won't buy it. I don't want to pay 100 or even 50 dollars for a bunch of stuff I may or may not end up using. Parachutes were a good example. I got a whole pile of plastic chutes set asside from various kits now that I have learned how to use a sewing machine. Circle cutters are a good investment, and with a little patience and a free priority mailing box, centering rings are never a problem. I love laser cut parts as much as the next guy, believe me, but if I can fabricate it myself then why pay the premium? The lathe, vacuum or resin forming, is where most people's skills fall short, not to mention the expensive tooling for the task.

In short, builder's assortment pack is a great idea. But, I would keep it simple, as to try and keep the cost down. For me, an assorted tube pack is more desireable, pack of cones, etc. But then, I may be a bit more frugal then the average Joe, I dunno.
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