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Default Motor manufacturing equipment

Here's a topic I think we're all interested in to one degree or another. We've all heard about the famous (or infamous) MABEL and her siblings and decendants. Reading Carl's interview in LAUNCH, we get another glimpse into the background of the equipment itself, when he describes SEMROC's first machine. The mechanism is air-driven, one supposes due to the need to eliminate sparks that might otherwise be created from electric motors.

What else is involved? For example: How do the separate powders get put into the paper cylinder? How do the cylinders move from one step to the next? How are the cylinders fed into the machine? How are the pressing rams powered? Pneumatic or hydraulic? How do you print the various nomenclatures onto the cylinders?

I, for one, would be very interested in knowing this, just for the sake of having a better understanding...
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