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Lightbulb New Design: Irr-Regulas

Jay, the Mutator is a vey cool design. I see the Idaho influence with the word "tator" in the name.
I am glad you liked the Neptune Probe and you are welcome to use
any spec of any design of mine as long as you post it.

Here is a new design I call the Irr-Regulas. I have managed to make it
with three different motor mounts to meet the different circumstances
of each builder. The 13mm motor mount will quailfy as a schoolyard
sounder for the rocketeer with a smaller fiying field. The 18mm motor
mount will attain a atlitude of 971 feet on a C6-5 for the rocketeer
with a larger flying area. Also changing the main body tube from a
BT-50 to a BT-60 will quaiify this design in the VR class as the
atiitude on a C6-3 motor will only be 463 feet. This motor changing
business seems to work with most designs with a little tweeking here and there.

My goal lately is to save my 12 best designs and post them on the week
and a half before Christmas, hence, the 12 designs of Christmas. I have
seven saved up so far. You all will have to wait to open up your presents until then!

Enjoy and Thanks Again, JP

James Pierson
NAR# 77907

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