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Cool Do cathode rays cause mutations?

I've been working in TV for almost 6 years, and *watching* TV for much longer, so it's no *wonder* things like this happen.

James Pierson accused me of keeping all my "really *cool*" designs to myself. But I threw this together tonight, and I *had* to show *somebody!* --So here you go.

(JP, this was *somewhat* inspired by your "Neptune Probe" design, which is Pretty Stinkin' Cool, as far as *I'm* concerned. )

And I figure I can at least release my RockSim file for the Semroc BC-1043, which is Carl's recreation of the Centuri PNC-102 "SkyLab" nose cone. (I took measurements from an *original* PNC-102. )

EDIT: I just posted a higher-resolution version of the RockSim 3D exported images. Sun 22 Oct 2006
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