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Here's a design that I've put together, inspired by the fact that I recently bought a 5-pack of Estes PNC-50's, which includes the PNC-50 variant with the little, um, winglets on the sides.

I don't have Rocksim 7 or 8; all I have is the demo version of Rocksim 5. So all I can post is a picture and the parts list. What I intended to use as a nose cone was a plain ogive shaped PNC-50, but I had to try to cobble one up from existing parts in the Rocksim 5 nose cone list... which didn't include a PNC-50.

This is an original design, but it's entirely possible that there's already an existing model that looks a lot like this. Let me know if that's the case.

Any and all comments are welcome. If someone wants to recreate this thing in Rocksim 8, that's great.

Rocksim 5 gives these specs:
21.125" long, 2.068 oz. with a B6-4 loaded and a static margin of 2.82 calibers.
On a B6-4, 441 ft max. altitude, 10.09 ft/ sec deployment velocity
On a C6-5, 864 ft. max. altitude, 11.67 ft/ sec deployment velocity

Unfortunately, the demo version of Rocksim 5 doesn't let you save anything, so I don't even know the empty weight or the margin of stability with a C6-5 loaded, since I didn't write them down.
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