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BEC 06-15-2013 11:21 PM

Cross post from TRF: Altus Metrum and the Black Forest fire
This is a copy of a post by Keithp on TRF. For those of you who might be interested in Altus Metrum goodies but who don't also read TRF.

Originally Posted by Keith Packard on TRF
As noted a few days ago, Bdale's house in Black Forest was one of the nearly 500 lost to the Black Forest fire. We're very grateful that the whole family, including pets, were able to escape the fire unharmed.

However, essentially all of the Altus Metrum inventory was in his basement and is now presumably lost as well. We'll know for sure sometime next week when it's safe to go into the area again. This includes the web site and email lists. We've redirected the web site to another machine; I'm not sure when we'll get the content live again,.

If you had ordered any flight computers, ground stations or other components, we've tried to make sure your order was canceled so that funds could be returned. Please let us know if this hasn't happened yet for you.

I do have a few MicroPeak USB adapters and parts for more MicroPeak boards (thanks to Adrian Adamson for offering up some of his barometric sensors to help here). So, we should have those available for sale through our distributors, at launches and on the web store once that's up and running again.

This has put a fairly serious crimp in our plans for selling TeleMega units; we'll try to keep you all posted...

Thanks much for all of the kind words and well wishes that you've sent to Bdale, and we both hope to see many of you back out on the flight line soon.

Keith Packard
TRA 12200/NAR 88757 Level 3
Altus Metrum Rocketry Electronics

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