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Doug Sams 07-09-2005 03:08 PM

ID this upscale
I've been putting lots of time into this rocket lately.

Can you identify the original?


CPMcGraw 07-09-2005 05:42 PM

Originally Posted by Doug Sams
Can you identify the original? Doug

Ahh, that's a beauty. Very familiar outline. :D Astron Avenger, couldn't be anything else...

What are the body diameters and total length again? And whose NC and transition?


Doug Sams 07-10-2005 12:33 AM

Thanks, Craig.

What are the body diameters and total length again? And whose NC and transition?
The original's booster stage is integrated into this one's sustainer. I plan to use some pin striping tape to create a line where the fore and aft fins/tubes would meet.

Anyway, the main section is 3" LOC tubing. Overall, the rocket is semi-scale. The fin can section is 34" long and will just barely accomodate Sky Ripper's longest 38mm case. (The holes in the airframe are the vent holes for the three SRS 38mm cases.)

The parachute bay - which I dropped and cracked while priming tonight - $#@! ) - is the next 20 inches of 3" airframe, and is longer than scale (or wouldn't be of much use). The rocket separates at the 34" point with the chute deploying aft.

I turned the transition from cedar. I plan to hollow it out some after I work out the electronics/deployment details. The forward electronics bay is 2.25" Firefox tubing, and is also longer than scale, but that helps to even things out for the long chute bay.

The nosecone is balsa. I turned it last week. The Avenger-SRS, with fins, is 86-1/2" long.

The chute bay, transition and electronics bays will also be used with this rocket:

I turned the nosecone. It's supposed to look like an Apollo capsule, but at best it's only Apollo-inspired. Looks more like a shuttle SRB cone :( The rear transition is a wrap made with 1/64" ply.

Hopefully I'll start painting tomorrow. Still got lots of sanding and priming to do, but I should get the cones, transition and one of the tubes painted.

The Avenger's black/white/silver scheme will work well with the Doug1b which gets a Sat-1b-ish paint scheme. The Avenger's black-white roll pattern will work well with the 1b's alternating black-white tubes. I'm planning to paint the 1b's nosecone blue but I'm open for suggestions. Of course the Avenger-SRS's cone gets the traditional red.

Stay safe from Dennis.


A Fish Named Wallyum 07-10-2005 12:53 AM

And we'll get to see pics of the finished products, right? I'm repairing an Avenger that I cloned in 2001 right now. Poor rocket took a beating over the years, but I like staged rockets as much as I like clusters. (Or rockets that suggest that they're staged. ;) )

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