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A Fish Named Wallyum 11-24-2020 05:11 AM

Old rocket photos
I was reading through a thread and Steve Naquin mentioned that he had a photo of a friend flying a CMR Manta. It occurred to me that a lot of us likely have old photos like this. If anyone would care to share them, this would be a good place to do it. The closest I have is a momentary sweep across the bedroom on a home movie that my Grandpa made circa 1978. It never occurred to me to ask him to take movies of a launch, and none of us had the kind of access that would have allowed us to take a camera to the launch at NKU in 1977. Except for that quick swipe of Super 8, the hobby may as well not have existed for me.
In short, if you have old rocket pics you'd care to share, I'd love to see them. :cool:

burkefj 11-24-2020 08:20 AM

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1976 or 77

A Fish Named Wallyum 11-24-2020 08:49 AM

Originally Posted by burkefj
1976 or 77

Love the concentration on the Interceptor decals. I was never able to muster my mind to follow through on a project like that one. :cool:

shockwaveriderz 11-24-2020 10:02 AM

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me in August 1967 just prior to my 12th birthday acting silly

Earl 11-24-2020 01:55 PM

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Here are a couple of the very few I have from back in the day, both made by my Dad at the only two launches he was at; my very first, and then another in early 1979.

The first one is, as mentioned above (and is my 'YORF' image on my posts here), from my very first launch June 6, 1976. It was an early Sunday afternoon after church and was four weeks to the day before the July 4 Bicentennial that year.

Next, at a different field after we had moved to a different house in summer of '77 is a launch from early 1979 (probably Jan-Feb). An Estes Colonial Viper has just left the pad.

In both photos I note what now seems like a massive wad of hair on my head! I still have the Screaming Eagle from the first photo and I note just how bright white the body tube was then. It has darkened and aged quite a bit in the last 44 years.


Randy 11-24-2020 02:14 PM

Always love seeing old photos like this.

Having flown my first one in July of 68 photos are nonexixtent. Back then photos were expensive and would have strained my 12 year old bank account past oblivion.

23 years later (89) and armed with a VHS camcorder and 35mm I got a lot of photos and videos of my kids when they were small launching and chasing rockets. Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks were always peak rocket days for us, even though it was usually cold and wet.


Earl 11-24-2020 02:18 PM

Yeah, I was lucky in that my Dad was a hobby photographer else there would have been nothing of the two launches he did attend. At that, he had a Canon F1 35mm camera one of the best made back in those days. At 83, he still does some photography stuff.


ghrocketman 11-24-2020 03:38 PM

The only rocket launch photos I have are from the 2005-2008 time frame.
Not really "old".

A Fish Named Wallyum 11-24-2020 04:03 PM

Originally Posted by ghrocketman
The only rocket launch photos I have are from the 2005-2008 time frame.
Not really "old".

Yeah, same here. :(

s1lence 11-25-2020 10:57 AM

Originally Posted by ghrocketman
The only rocket launch photos I have are from the 2005-2008 time frame.
Not really "old".

I have some from a month ago, my folks never took pictures of my rocket launches from the 80s.

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