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jeffyjeep 04-05-2022 03:33 PM

Quest Harpoon question.
Gentlemen, I just now slit open a Quest Aerospace Harpoon #3008 and I laid out the parts for assembly prep.

The (2) balsa sheets are (2) different thicknesses and its been a while since I built a #3008 but IIRC they’re both supposed to be the same thickness. The sheet with the swept, middle fins (part E of the kit) is 3/32” and the sheet with the Nike-style bottom fins and the small top strakes (part F of the kit) is 1/8”. I don’t remember which thickness is correct for all of the fins.

Thank you!

BARGeezer 04-05-2022 04:42 PM

All three sets of my Harpoon fins are 1/8" thick.
This was built several years ago.

jeffyjeep 04-05-2022 05:41 PM

That’s what I thought. Thanks!

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