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tab28682 03-22-2021 02:50 PM

Boyce Aerospace 1/24 scale Nike Hercules
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Decided to pick up one of the all 3D printed 1/24 scale Nike Hercules kits from Boyce Aerospace to scratch a Nike Hercules itch I have been having.

The kit arrived via priority mail three days after ordering.

Fairly impressed with the design and quality of the printing of the model in ABS plastic. I read that he uses Raise 3D printers, which I used extensively at work until I retired recently. Great printers.

The kit is super simple. Only 6 parts. No chute included. Kevlar shock cord was included. A spare motor retainer is included. One user review on the Boyce web site mentioned that they had a motor retain soften from the motor heat and break. I will do some reinforcing with fine Kevlar thread wraps and CA to make it a little stronger.

The booster section had printed in 1/8" launch lugs. Might upgrade to 3/16" so the model will suffer less from rod whip. Rail buttons would be even better.

Model length is about 20" and fin span is 5.5"

Sanding out the ridges in the printing will take a few hours if you do it all by hand. I plan on rigging up a container to vapor polish the parts with acetone vapor to reduce the sanding effort to about 20% of what it would be otherwise.

Weight of the airframe is not bad at 5.5oz advertised. Actual raw weight of mine is even better at 4.72 oz, but it ought to end up close to 5.5 with paint and a chute.

Should be a decent flyer on the recommended D12-5.

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