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blackshire 06-20-2018 03:53 AM

Sounding rocket paper models
Hello All,

I just came across “Zach’s PaperSat Designs” (see: ), which has numerous downloadable paper models of satellites, spacecraft, and sounding rockets. Some (on the Ecardmodels website, linked to his) are for sale, but many others are free. The free sounding rocket models are:

Nike Apache
Nike Tomahawk
Terrier Lynx
First Skylark
Skylark Raven
Skylark Goldfinch Raven
Pencil 300
Pencil (2 stage)
Kappa 9M
WAC Corporal
Nike Smoke
Dauphin (Dolphin) Sounding Rocket
Operational Falstaff
Original Falstaff

I hope this information will be helpful.

Ez2cDave 06-17-2019 09:34 AM

There are now 25 free models available there !

Dave F.

blackshire 06-29-2019 03:22 AM

Originally Posted by Ez2cDave
There are now 25 free models available there !

Dave F.
Thank you for the heads-up about this! The now-expanded list (at: ; they also include an interesting NASA sounding rockets link: ) is as follows:

1 Nike Apache
2 Nike Tomahawk
3 Terrier Lynx
4 First Skylark
5 Skylark Raven
6 Skylark Goldfinch Raven
7 Pencil
8 Pencil 300
9 Pencil (2 stage)
10 Baby
11 Kappa 9M
12 WAC Corporal
13 Nike Smoke
14 Dauphin (Dolphin) Sounding Rocket
15 Operational Falstaff
16 Original Falstaff
17 GIRD-9
19 HEROS 3
21 Black Brant X
22 Black Brant XI
23 Black Brant XII
24 Talos-Terrier Oriole
25 Sergeant-Hydac
26 Terrier Improved Orion
27 Hydra Sandhawk
28 Terrier Sandhawk
29 Terrier-Improved Malemute

tbzep 06-29-2019 11:41 AM

My son built a Black Brant II cardstock model about 10 years ago from here . It was an excellent flier.

blackshire 06-30-2019 02:54 AM

Originally Posted by tbzep
My son built a Black Brant II cardstock model about 10 years ago from here . It was an excellent flier.
I hadn't seen that site in years (among many other models, it also even has a downloadable version of the classic Gulf Oil Lunar Module cardstock model!!! [anyone who can remember getting an original one at a Gulf filling station, as I can, was almost certainly there for the actual Apollo 11 landing :-) ]). If the completed Black Brant II could be sprayed with some kind of thin, wicking and clear resin (perhaps from a misting-type pump spray bottle), such a paper model should be amply durable to last for a long time and many flights. Also:

Zach's site has an incorrectly-identified Skylark model (the Black Brant I, II, and V motors [and the Black Brant IV's first stage motor] were/are "Canadianized" Skylark motors) and I sent him the following regarding it:

"A while back I had posted a link to your excellent paper rocket models website on the “Ye Olde Rocket Forum” (see: ). Today I saw that another YORF member had posted a notice that you have added more sounding rocket paper models (they make the best flying scale model rocket subjects, being fin-stabilized like model rockets). Looking at your model of the two-stage Skylark (the finless Goldfinch II motor-boosted Raven XI motor, with three fins on the Raven XI ], see: ), I saw that your model plan—and the included photograph—actually depict the three-stage Skylark 12, which had a Cuckoo IV third stage motor stacked above the Goldfinch II and Raven XI motors. (That is *no* reason to get rid of your model plan, though—both the three-stage Skylark 12 and its two-stage relative, the Skylark 7 [using Goldfinch II and Raven XI motors—the TEXUS program at Esrange flew many Skylark 7s] are wonderful scale model subjects!.) Also:

"Here (see: 0.Ikwosmm74_M ) is general Skylark material; Jean-Jacques Serra’s European rockets history website contains detailed historical information on the various Skylark types (see: ), among many other sounding rockets. Here (see: ) are photographs, drawings, and information on the TEXUS and MASER program Skylark 7 rockets, which were launched at Esrange (see: ) in Sweden until 2005.

"I hope this information will he helpful."

K'Tesh 06-30-2019 05:35 PM

Originally Posted by tbzep
My son built a Black Brant II cardstock model about 10 years ago from here . It was an excellent flier.

Thanks for that link and reminding me of the site. I had been there before, but I didn't remember seeing the links to the full 1/48th scale Saturn V paper model. I've now managed to download the files, and am looking forward to giving it a try.

Someday, I'd love to make a flyable 1/48th scale version. Yes, I know that there are other scales that are already out there, but 1/48th scale is my thing (****ed Aspergers).

tbzep 07-01-2019 04:33 PM

The LJ II from that site is pretty nice also. My son built it after the BB II, but way before Estes re-released the current LJ II kit. It was very light weight but large and was great for tiny field demos of larger models. A B6-4 was perfect, IIRC. He built the tower from dowel rod, like the early Estes Mercury Redstone kit.'s the old thread.

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