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Flash 02-08-2020 09:02 PM

Best Glue for Estes Plastic to Estes Craft Tubing?
What type of glue are you using for Estes Plastic parts to Craft tubing and why?

Orange tube Testors just doesn't get the job done even before any changes to the glue as far as I'm concerned.

Seems like the glue attaches better to the plastic and not so good to the paper tube. Good for about a year in some cases, but sooner or later, the joint will need re-glued.

BEC 02-08-2020 09:23 PM

I have been using RC airplane “canopy glue” for this purpose for most of my term as a BAR (such as Pacer Formula 560). Recently, however, I’ve seen the recommendation of Beacon Fabri-Tac (from hcmbanjo, in particular). While I have not yet used it, I HAVE used a similar product, Beacon Foam-Tac, and it is working well. For field repairs, medium CA works.

kapton 02-08-2020 09:49 PM

Use an MMA (Methyl Methacrylate Adhesive). It will bond to both the plastic and the paper. An example of an MMA is Devcon Plastic Welder. Here's one from ASI

LeeR 02-09-2020 12:30 AM

I’ve had great luck with Fabri-Tac, first hearing about it on Chris Michielssen’s blog, Model Rocket Building. As Bernard (BEC) mentioned, Chris is member hcmbanjo here on YORF.

ghrocketman 02-09-2020 01:24 AM

I use epoxy.

jetlag 02-09-2020 07:52 AM

Originally Posted by ghrocketman
I use epoxy.


PaulK 02-09-2020 08:19 AM

I use medium CA, it adheres well to both surfaces.

ghrocketman 02-09-2020 08:52 AM

Medium CA in that application over time will loosen.
Epoxy will not.

hcmbanjo 02-09-2020 09:39 AM

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The Fabri-Tac works great for plastic to body tube gluing.


It was made for gluing synthetic fabrics together.
It has some Acetone in it and acts like the old plastic cement that came in a tube.
Maybe it's a little thicker than the old tube glues.
When you pull the bottle away from the gluing surface, you'll have strings (or webbing)
like the old glues.

It's good for larger pieces like a fin can or adapter to body tube.
It is not good for gluing up Mercury Redstone or Apollo Capsule towers.

Bill S 02-09-2020 07:50 PM

I'd go with 5-minute epoxy.

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